The Knife of Dunwall — Shrines of the Outsider



For the greatest tragedy of them all 
Is never to feel the burning light.

The Young Wolf remains unbeaten in the field.


men begged to marry her

Game Typography Challenge - Day 16: use a type you’re unfamiliar with (White Vinegar and CAC Champagne)

Make me choose:
 asked: Watch_Dogs or GTA V 


families of Middle-earth ((théoden)) + théodred - eomer - Éowyn

‘Is there none whom you would name? In whom do my people trust?’ 'In the House of Eorl,' answered Hama. ‘But Eomer I cannot spare, nor would he stay,’ said the king, ‘and he is the last of that House.’ ‘I said not Eomer,’ answered Hama. ‘And he is not the last. There is Eowyn, daughter of Eomund, his sister. She is fearless and high-hearted. All love her. Let her be as lord to the Eorlingas, while we are gone.’ ‘It shall be so,’ said Theoden


Dragon Age: Inquisition - Concept Art

First Clip of Another Me  [x]


 Joana kingwell

BIOSHOCK (3 QUOTES) - as requested by anon

"I am where I need to be."
"I am where I need to be."

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